Take a moment to think about the versatility of water. That clear substance that we normally forget is so important.

We forget the way its shapes to its surroundings, it covers the things it dosn't want, it creates a habitat for creations to grow, it washes away the things we don't want. it moves with every emotion.  It is one thing that mankind can never completely control.

It is so deeply powerful that we sometimes cant comprehend its potential.
thats the beauty of it

Its something that mankind cant claim

Be like water.

I N T E R N A T I O N A L P H O T O G R A P H E R.

September has already shown me much excitement. Two wonderful people decided that it was me that they would choose to capture their wedding day in the beautiful destination of Sorrento, Italy.

I cannot thank them enough for this experience. My creative mind has been opened to new wonderful things.

Becoming an International Photographer has been the highlight of my year. Heres to many more weddings around the world.

This one thing i have realised is ;
Places will change but Love & friendship always remains the same wherever you go.


I have had alot of emails regarding location photoshoots for birthdays!
Soooo i have created an awesome hand made GIFT VOUCHER!
combined with my own drawings / photographs / typewritten words i have managed to make a wonderful voucher that you can give to your loved ones! 
sweet right?
Hit me an email to get yours!


Oh Em Geeee a BLOG!

Are you crazy! a Blog! Say whaaat!

Yes i have managed to dive right into having a blog on my website! even though you can catch all my crazy gettin up toos on my facebook page! you will also be able to see them here!

everything from...

- My photography
- My Video
- My Art creations!
- What inspires me
- Great Car boot finds!
- Anything super interesting!
- Pictures of Marley my little pug